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Jun 09, 2022

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How to Write Good Content for a Dental Clinic Blog?

Your blog is the best channel that you can leverage to attract new patients and book their appointments.

It has the highest return on investment than every other method because it is the only channel capable of compounding growth.

Pick a Format

There are a variety of formats you can use when writing content, but some of the best we’ve seen work well for a dental clinic are guides and lists.

Guides work great because the format allows you to fully cover a complex topic that can map to the various stages a person might be going through with Gum disease.

Lists work great for topics that cover topics that map well to questions that have types. For example, topics that cover the types of dental injuries that can happen to a person injured in a workplace accident/car accident/bicycle accident, etc

Keep Headings Brief and in The Proper Order

The way you format your content for the web is extremely important. You’ll want to use headings to break up key ideas and make things easier for the reader to digest.

Headings are also an important signal that Google evaluates to determine what your content is about and how well it covers the topic.

Your headings should adhere to a logical order as well. For example, you

shouldn’t have an H3 heading without a parent-level Hz heading.

Use Examples & Tell Stories

Google likes unique content. The easiest way to make your content unique is to tell your own stories. Use former patient cases you’ve worked on to help describe things to people (without violating confidentiality).

Stories have two key benefits that will work in your favor:

  1. They’re unique yours, so people cannot copy them.
  2. People love & remember stories better than they do textbook-style information.

Keep Paragraphs Short

As a general rule, you should keep your paragraphs to no more than 3-5 lines before adding in a paragraph break.

This is very different from the type of things you’re probably used to writing but trust us; it’s better to break things up.

No one wants to read a long block of text on a website. People have short attention spans. Don’t let walls of text turn someone away and prevent them from reading what might otherwise have a lot of valuable and interesting information for them.


  • Pick a Format
  • Keep Headings Brief and in The Proper Order
  • Use Examples & Tell Stories
  • Keep Paragraphs Short

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