Bottom-Of-Funnel Content

Jun 09, 2022

BY admin

Best practices


To stand up to the examination of your potential viewers, your bottom-of-funnel content (BOFU) should be clear and captivating. Here’s what you should consider to always nail your content.

Focus on the viewers

You should still focus on making the patient the hero, even if you are officially promoting your success.  Your patients don’t care whether you have another win; they just want to know that their issues will be solved and that they will have a healthier life as a result of being treated fairly. Prioritizing them will show that you care about them from the start.

Build Trust

Making it transparent that you care about your patient as a person is an important component of building trust with them. When creating bottom-of-funnel content, consider yourself whether you’re treating the patient emotionally or positively. Put an effort to understand and answer your patient’s questions, concerns, and needs throughout your BOFU content. When they inquire how long something will take, dig deeper to understand what’s going on in their life that makes speed so important to them. Use such scenarios in your writing to make people feel more comfortable.

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