Establishing Trust With Google

Jun 08, 2022

BY admin

What Does E-A-T Even Mean?

Google wants to give searchers the best dental content on the web whenever they use its search engine. But how do you ensure google finds you trustworthy? That’s where e-a-t comes in.


When evaluating expertise, google prioritizes the creator/author of the main content on the page. the value of expertise varies depending on the topic.


Authority is more than just subject-matter expertise; it is subject-matter expertise and notoriety combined. think about how many professionals in the world have the credentials to advise have on their field but are not widely known.


Google really wants to make sure the dental content they rank at the top is trustworthy. if they fail in this regard, people will begin to lose trust in Google as well.

Has your Dentistry developed EAT with Google?

Dentists turn to us all the time to help them solve this problem whenever they lack the time or internal resources to do it the best way because they know that in a hypercompetitive industry like theirs, every little advantage helps.

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