Google My Business Posts For Dentist

Jun 09, 2022

BY admin

What are Google Posts?

Google posts are a newer feature Google added that enables the dentist to connect with existing and potential patients by posting things to their Google Business Profile (previously called your Google My Business Profile). Google posts appear on both Google Search results and Google Maps.

Do Google Posts Help Dental SEO?

Google Posts do not directly impact your rankings. They can directly impact your conversion rates. They help drive pre-site conversions. If someone is searching for a service, like the best dentist near them, your GMB posts will appear as a mixed post within the organic listings.

Are Google Posts Worth It?

Google posts are worth it because you can easily create one post per week in less than 5-10 minutes and that can directly lead to more conversions and patients.

Given the reduction in organic reach on social media platforms like Facebook, Google posts are a minimal investment with a large potential for ROI.

Best Practices

Posts should always be promotional. Do not post the same kind of posts you do on social media.

Google Is Not Facebook

Searchers on Google are looking for solutions. If they search for the types of things that would cause dental clinic listings to trigger in the results, then they’re likely looking for the help of a dentist.

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