How to Deal with Dental Patient Negative Reviews

Feb 21, 2022

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Healthcare, like many other sectors, primarily depends on evaluations and frequent feedback that provide critical information about the quality of service and patient satisfaction to a wide audience.  As a result, the ability of dentists and physicians to get and keep the feedback from their patients has become more important than ever. Only a never-ending feedback loop can demonstrate to doctors, dentists, and practises that they have really become patient-centric.

4 Ways to Handle Negative Patient Reviews

Always Respond On-Time

Today’s businesses have all the resources and tools they need to respond to customer inquiries or provide a workable solution within 24 hours in this hyper-connected environment. Your customer service staff must respond quickly to any unfavourable reviews so that they don’t get out of control and damage your practice’s reputation.

Don’t be rude when you respond

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you, and don’t take things personally. In the long term, responding graciously to criticism will help you create trust and credibility with your audience.

Resolve the issue at hand

As soon as you’ve acknowledged the problem, offer to take care of it privately. Your official email or phone number should be made available to the patient so that you may communicate with them and handle the issue at hand. A public remark may be made after the matter has been addressed, so long as it outlines the agreed-upon resolutions.

Encourage your patients to leave a review

If your patients are pleased with the services and treatments you provide, you may encourage them to leave positive evaluations online. Don’t put your reputation in danger by telling them to just submit favourable evaluations.

Key Points to Remember

  • Understand how various kinds of review websites operate.
  • Register with Google Ads Alerts to keep track of any mentions of your company.
  • Sign up on review sites, particularly those that cater to the healthcare industry, so that you may be notified when a patient submits a review.
  • Providing past and existing patients with information on how to leave a review on different review sites.
  • Sharing the results of the evaluations with your internal team and personnel can help you build your practice.

Team Up With Marketing Experts to Stay at Top of Your Dental Practice

Managing bad reviews and criticism is all about reacting quickly and properly. Your dental practice will always be the subject of unfavourable online evaluations for many different reasons. Ultimately, the goal is to begin a professional discourse with the patient to address his or her problems and, in the process, strengthen the patient-provider connection.

The dental invisalign marketing services provided by S4D Agency includes setting up a Google My Business account and integrating relevant platforms that will increase the reach of your dental services. Regardless of whether the feedback is unfavourable or good, your dental staff will be in a better position to react intelligently to it while also keeping in mind your larger dental brand image, which should be as real as possible in front of your targeted audience.

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