How to Grow Your Dental Practice Google Ads

Feb 14, 2022

BY admin

If you have tried almost every standard dental marketing strategy and still haven’t gotten good results, you may be asking why. The majority of dental marketing professionals agree that Google Ads is the ideal platform for dental practitioners to the promotion and attract new visitors to their office. Google Ads is the most popular advertising platform for dentistry marketing professionals because of its pay-per-click (PPC) functionality. These seven tactics will help you get the most out of your Google Ads budget.

Identify your unique selling point

Your strategy and unique selling point (USP) must be crystal clear to stand out in a competitive PPC market. You must be explicit about who you are serving and what you are bringing to the table to meet the demands of your clients.

Proper use of keywords

If you have a toothache or a damaged crown, you are more likely to look for dental implant marketing. Most internet queries are now conducted through speech, with lengthy key phrases often beginning with “what, how, and the greatest” (or some variation thereof). You’ll receive more visitors and get more bang for your ad budget if you bid on long-tail keywords.

Target Your Audience Effectively

On Google Ads, you may use demographic targeting choices like age, gender, income, etc. to find your ideal customers and target them more effectively. Only the correct individuals will be enticed to click on your adverts thanks to precise targeting.

Link Your Practice to Google Maps

You do not want someone who is hundreds of miles away from your position to go on a search for you. The usage of Google Maps in your marketing campaigns helps to attract consumers in your immediate area. Set your Google Ads account to use location extensions and concentrate on local keywords.

Ads Call Extension for Google AdWords

The Google Ads Call Extension provides a click-to-call feature for advertisers. With a call button that is clickable on your dental advertisement, you will be able to urge the prospect to contact and schedule an appointment immediately.

Testing, monitoring, and adjusting are all part of the process.

Digital marketing is a constantly changing and expanding field. As a result, we cannot be certain of the bidding possibilities or tactics for an extended period. It must be checked frequently to track the outcomes and make adjustments as and when necessary.

Add a landing page to your site

Your Google Ads must send visitors to your landing page, which should include extensive information and a call-to-action to schedule an appointment or arrange a consultation as soon as possible.

Team Up With Google Ads Experts Today

An efficient dental marketing plan is essential for increasing traffic and increasing return on investment. So, if you want to see fantastic marketing results from your dental ads contact the S4D agency today.

Every one of our ads is built from the ground up, and they are continually optimised every month. We personalise your marketing campaign depending on your patient demographics, target market, competition, key advantages, and other factors that are important to you. Each and every detail is tailored to you and your practice.

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