How to Increase Dental Practice Calls from Google Maps

Feb 08, 2022

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When it comes to dental marketing, Google Maps is a great tool since it allows you to take prospective patients straight to the call to action. It’s not the same as ranking well in Google Search. A Google Maps search may increase your odds of receiving a new patient by almost 28%. Aside from YouTube and Facebook, Google Maps is the third most popular tool for discovering new companies.

Add Your Dental Practice to Google Maps

Getting your dental practice on Google Maps is the first step. You can do this by searching Google Maps for your practice and identifying it if it appears. A missing spot may be added if it is not shown. The information requested includes your name, clinic name, and address. Moderators will verify your listing and, if found accurate, will add it to Google Maps.

Ensure Accurate Details

In all Google platforms, accuracy is crucial. If your profile is constant, it means your profession is genuine and recognised locally. This would encourage Google Maps to promote your dental practice first when someone in your area searches for a dentist. Refrain from making an alteration to your profile and keep just one profile per practice.

Add Pictures to Your Profile

Adding photos to your profile gives prospective clients a glimpse inside your practice. So make sure your photos are current and well-shot. Here are some tips for adding photos to your profile.

  • Make your dental practice logo the profile picture
  • An image of the outside of your practice’s building will make an excellent cover photograph.
  • You might include a few photographs of your patients who have given their approval.
  • Include some eye-catching practice interior shots, as well as a great shot of your staff in action.

Publish Regularly on Your Profile, Offers, and Events.

To keep patients informed about your practice when they find it in search results, you may use Google Posts, which works seamlessly with Google Maps. It’s a good idea to use a dental marketing business to help make these as appealing as possible.

Request Feedback from Patients You’ve Had in the Past

The fact that 71% of patients use internet reviews to choose a new dentist is well-known. However, if you can get enough positive feedback on your profile, these stats might work in your favour. As a first step, you may begin by asking your regular patients to leave you a review, and responding to the reviews.

Make use of Google Maps API on Your Dental Website

Google Maps will give your dentistry website design a boost if you include a miniature map using the Google Maps API on your contact page. To embed the map, choose your company profile and click share. Then you may embed the map and get a URL to put on your Contact Page.

Wrapping Up 

S4D Agency can help you get started with your dental marketing strategy on Google Maps. We’re a dental and orthodontic digital marketing agency that caters to dental practice in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and many more countries and have a proven record of increasing dental practice’s success rates.

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