How to Increase Your Dental Practice’s Instagram Followers?

Feb 04, 2022

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With approximately one-fourth of the world’s population using Instagram, you have a tremendous chance to channel your dental marketing strategy and grow your dental company. This article will discuss the finest ways and ideas for setting up a successful Instagram business account.

Why Use Instagram to Promote Your Dental Practice?

Instagram is used by thousands of companies to market their brand and services. Instagram users are constantly eager to interact with companies of all sizes which makes it a perfect place to market your practice and get new patients. That’s why a strong Instagram presence is critical to reaching new and returning patients.

How to Optimise Your Profile on Instagram

Your audience sees your company account’s profile. So, create a distinctive profile that may attract more followers. You may use the following tips to establish a great dental website:

Pick a Name That is Easy To Remember

Create a brief and catchy name for your practice.

Only Post High-Resolution Images

Include a photo of your work or your brand’s logo on your profile.

Add a Concise Description

Describe your clinic’s services. Add relevant keywords like your dental speciality and location. Describe what sets you apart from other dentists.

Link to Your Website

The internet is rife with dentistry websites. Include a link to your brand’s website and contact details.

Add a CTA Button

A simple CTA button in your profile might help you get more traffic to your website.

How to Build Your Content Strategy

instagram dental design marketing is all about how you frame and distribute your material. A good content strategy involves frequent posting and regular profile updates.

  • Information-Driven Post
  • Patient Case Studies
  • Dental Service Related Post
  • Before After Images
  • Inside Dental Practice Images
  • Dentist Expertise, Experience etc

How to Improve Instagram Engagement Skills

Only frequent communication with potential patients can provide meaningful outcomes for your practice. Fortunately, increasing Instagram user engagement is straightforward. Use these methods:

  • Respond quickly to direct communications, particularly queries.
  • Revert all Instagram comments. Commenting on other people’s postings also boosts user engagement.
  • Inquire about your follower’s dental experiences.
  • Participate whenever possible.

Review and Modify Your Dental Marketing Plan

The greatest aspect of having an Instagram business account is getting relevant insights from your postings. Instagram allows you to track three metrics for your posts:


To understand more about your brand’s followers and their development.


This option tracks your weekly interactions and impressions.


Here you may track your posts’ and articles’ performance.

Feedback from Patients

For a dentist, in particular, patient feedback is very valuable. Ask your patients to rate your work on your Instagram profile so that you can improve your skillset. It’s also possible to gather offline feedback from patients and submit it to your account with their permission.


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