Proven Habits for Increasing Google Reviews for Your Dental Practice

Feb 01, 2022

BY admin

Long are the days are gone when dentists used to rely only on patient recommendations to build their reputation. Nowadays Dentists’ worth and reputation are often evaluated by their patients through internet reviews. Irrespective of how well you serve your patients or how skilled you are, what your visitors say about your service is more significant than your own opinion of your practice.

The importance of dental invisalign marketing may be attributed to the fact more than 70 per cent of patients consult internet reviews while looking for a new dentist in their area. Let’s dive into some of the proven habits that can be implemented to increase google reviews for one’s dental practice.

Create a Google My Business Profile

34% of respondents said that they looked for reviews on dentistry websites, while 29% used Google. Make your GMB profile seem professional by giving your address, a link to your website, photos, and information about your years of expertise, among other things. For better transparency and increased appointment chances, integrate genuine Google reviews into your website letting the visitors know that you mean businesses in the most professional manner possible.

Request Your Existing Patients to Leave a Review

Asking for evaluations of your dental business is the most straightforward method of obtaining them. Sending review requests through text message or email are also acceptable methods of communication. The text should be brief and to the point; a simple request with a link to the review page will suffice in this case. Email requests, on the other hand, allow you to be more specific and communicate with all of your patients’ contact information in a single email.

Automate the Review Request

Send out review requests to patients following their appointments by automating this process. Sending the queries in this manner will ensure that there are no mistakes or delays.

Make a Note of What Patients Have to Say

Both good and negative reviews are possible, and online trollers may post bad ones. You can learn more about your dental practice by reading positive evaluations while reading negative ones might help you identify areas of need for change.

Continue Dialogue with Reviewers

It’s not required that you respond to every bad review, but you can surely approach them and find out why they’re unhappy.


Your dental practice can enjoy several advantages from dental marketing if you are looking to enhance the healthcare experience of your patients. A patient who is pleased with your dental services is more likely to provide a favourable review without your permission.

We, at S4D agency, provide online review management services and tools that assist your dental practice to attract more reviews and revenues, as well as more satisfied customers. Our team of review management professionals will analyse your internet presence and design a review management plan that will help you grow your dental seo company grow to the next level. To know more about how we can help you, get in touch with us for a free consultation today.

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