The Biggest Local SEO Mistakes on Dental Websites

Jun 09, 2022

BY admin

Next to paid ads, the BEST virtual estate you can have for your Dental website is the local map pack

(i.e., Google My Business)

However, many individuals make the same mistakes when attempting to establish a local SEO presence.

One mistake is that they don’t properly tag the category

If you’re a dentist, your primary category needs to be treating the tooth or root canal or teeth whitening, not the cardiac service, it needs to be specific.

Another big mistake is that they don’t fill out the Google My Business (GMB) profile entirely

When you set up your GMB profile, you want to make sure you maximize every avenue you can to give your profile more authority than your competition.

One way to do that is by adding substantially more dental photos than your competition. Having more dental photos than your competition means more prominence.

Google is assessing your available information and comparing it to the information available from your competitors.

Making your data available to Google with the addition of dental photos and other high-quality content will inform Google that your website has the most prominence and is worth displaying first.

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