Using Content To Turn Site Visitors Into Your Patient

Jun 09, 2022

BY admin

The ultimate goal of content writing for a dental clinic is to convert your audience to new patients. How you angle your content depends on how aware they are of you and their problem.

1. Most Aware

This includes people who know of your service, what it does, and know they want it. They just haven’t made the decision to do so yet.

When you’re creating content to target these types of people, you don’t need to do much more than put the name of your clinic and a compelling reason why they visit your clinic.

2. Product (Service) Aware

People in this category know about your dental clinic and the specific treatments you offer but haven’t made a decision to visit your clinic yet.

Focus on creating content that builds trust and convinces people you’re the one who will give treatment to them. Things like consultancy, advising patients about their disease, and patients before and after treatment videos are ideal types of content for these types of people.

3. Solution Aware

People in this category know they have a problem and know there are treatments/solutions out there that can help them with it but aren’t aware that you exist. They may be aware your competitors exist though.

The best you can do is to create content on why people should often visit a dentist.

with you over other (non-specific) dental clinics and run Google Ads that target your competitor’s dentist names.

4. Problem Aware

These patients are aware that they have a problem, but are unaware that there are treatments available. In the field of dentistry content writing, here is where you’ll find some of the most profitable and non-competitive possibilities.

At this point, patients are looking for root canal treatment, dental fillings, orthodontic therapy, and any other dental-related solutions.

5. Completely Unaware

This is the broadest category out there and often includes a lot of people who may not need your service but because some percentage of them will, it doesn’t make sense to completely rule out marketing to them.

Your entire goal with dental content should be to get someone to go from not knowing you exist to knowing you exist.

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