What Dentists Can Include in Their Instagram Stories

Feb 17, 2022

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Because of the constant evolution of social media platforms dental practice marketing has changed dramatically. Instagram is the most widely used and has the highest levels of interaction of all of the social media platforms. In addition, it is a powerful marketing tool for companies since users are eager to follow their favourite brands on the network.

How to Make Best Use of Instagram Stories for Your Practice

Instagram stories are designed to send quick, quirky, and unfiltered material to your patients. Brands upload tales twice or three times each day, using stickers, typefaces, music, and filters to keep users engaged. You may also publish about your events, promotions, new services, and other changes to keep your patients interested.

Story Frequency

Instagram has several unstated restrictions concerning how frequently you should post. It is restricted to one feed post each day and three tales per day, however, it is recommended not to upload them every day. If you go above this limit, your followers will become upset and unfollow you.

Add Call to Action

The call-to-action should be simple enough for your patients to follow. This implies that if you put “Link in Bio” on every post or article, it will be difficult for visitors to find the link if they see it in their feed. Using stickers, tags, and URLs instead will make the process easier and more accessible for your readers.


People nowadays expect companies to put effort into their instagram posts, but not so much in their stories. When publishing either, keep this in mind and construct each feed post to perfection.

3 Strategies To Post a Perfect Instagram Dental Story

Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek

Instagram Stories can be used to share the tale of your practice and your daily routine. This will make your patients feel more connected to you and your business. Post hygiene instructions for daily dental care or propose home whitening kits. This shows your patients that you care about them and develops a connection that goes beyond business.

Patient Journey

Asking your regular patients to join your tales and promote you to others helps build confidence in your services. This will go beyond the standard comments on your website and Google company page since a real person will be talking about you.

Offers Just for Your Followers

Because stories only appear on your followers’ home pages, you may use this to get them to join you. Including limited-time discounts can also encourage your followers to check your stories more often, preventing them from missing subsequent deals. More patient data will allow you to improve your services’ accuracy.

Make Your Practice’s Instagram Stories Stand Out

A dental marketing professional could be able to help you with your Instagram Stories if you’re stuck for ideas. As leading dental marketing experts you can rely on S4D agency for all of your digital marketing requirements. Dental and orthodontic practices are our speciality, and we provide a wide range of marketing services for dentists and orthodontists including dental SEO, PPC, website design, dental implant marketing and more.

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