Why You Should Do A Content Audit For Your Dental Clinic

Jun 08, 2022

BY admin

What Is Content Audit

A content audit is a practice of reviewing Dental website content in order to identify strengths and weaknesses. A content audit’s goal is to determine how well the website’s content is doing and to give recommendations for improvement.

Don’t Let Bad Content Weigh You Down

It’s not uncommon for Dentists to produce content that brings in little to no value for their business. This includes content that was hastily published on a whim or to celebrate some announcement that is no longer relevant.

Underperforming content weighs your site down. It’s routine practice for major brands to audit their content and remove things that aren’t providing value and see a lift in traffic as a result


Low-quality content has an impact on your site’s overall ranking ability. If you have a lot of low-quality content, Google will start to think your site is low-quality altogether.

It’s the same as failing classes in college; everyone lowers your overall GPA.


Why does your content exist if it isn’t providing commercial value? Every page on your website should have a purpose.

They may not always be directly related to income, but they should serve a purpose that is consistent with your company’s goals. Assume an employee adds no value to your company. Would you retain them on your team indefinitely?

Even good content might lose its usefulness over time, especially if it becomes outdated as regulations change. If your content isn’t relevant and up to date, you’ll start losing search engine traffic.

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