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How do we do it?
Instagram for Dentist

Receive a free consultation with one of our Instagram for Dentist experts.

We will review your dental practice, requirements, and goals to recommend the best Instagram marketing options.

We have the knowledge, experience & expertise to keep up with the latest practices. We will deploy analytics and reporting to enhance the visibility of your Instagram profile creating a brand that customers recognise.

We craft and execute Instagram for dentist marketing for dental clinics in regions with intense competition.
Engaging Instagram posts reviewed by dental professionals
You lack the time to oversee the Instagram dentistry of your practice. Leave it to us.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Instagram emphasises images rather than words. Instagram’s visual appeal makes it a perfect platform for showcasing your dental clinic’s work, services, before-and-after photos, and other aspects of your practice.

We assist you in communicating vital health information, developing personal brands, highlighting your practice, and increasing the number of visits that are scheduled throughout the calendar year.

Building a loyal customer base

1-Click booking 

By enabling 1-click booking which will be accessible from your dental bio, we will allow Instagram visitors to view appointments in real-time and book from any device.

Communicate directly with patients

Respond to Instagram direct messages promptly from patients looking to discover more information on your dental clinic.



A Personalised Content Calendar

A content schedule will enable you to not only plan in advance but also build a unified brand and vision for your account. We will establish a goal for your account and ensure that all scheduled posts contribute to attaining it.


We will prepare a variety of creative postings, such as patient or hygienist of the month, testimonials, photographs of your dental practice, infographics, and branded quotations, among other captivating content.

Giving your dental practice some personality

Whether it’s having a bit of fun around or telling the truth, it’s important to show your personality to connect with your audience. Visitors would go to your website if they just desired basic details like your business’s phone number or hours of operation but Instagram is different, Instagram allows you to engage with your followers on a more intimate level.

Converting visitors and followers into new patients will be an important part of our overall strategy. Your practice will eventually garner a following when you let our experts do what they do best. Let’s get started today.

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